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Virtual Assistants and Secretaries. General Administrative Services

Since 1986 we offer our customers the ability to concentrate all his time to his business minding their administrative and secretarial tasks effectively and economically.

Our Virtual Assistants are skilled professionals who will work with you. Closely with the utmost seriousness and discretion and allow you to forget all the problems of the management and control of a conventional office.

Some of the services we can offer are:

• Reception and transfer phone calls

• Care visits.

• General Secretariat: claims management, calendar, etc.

• typing Services: transcription of texts, mailings, etc.

• Internet: information search, mail management, etc.

• Administrative procedures: Issuing calls, external efforts in organisms

• Mail Handling and Documentation

• Billing and accounting.

We can study the possibility of providing the service required by the customer specifically adapted to your needs.

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Companies incorporated sale

Provide a limited company newly formed and no activity in 24 h. This allows you to start business immediately, safely and economically.

The price includes:

• Transmission Limited Partnership (Writing processed and recorded Constitution)

• Writing formalization of social agreements, dismissal and appointment of the new administrator and transfer of registered office.

• deed of sale of shares.

• Guarantee ineffectiveness of society.

• Transmission of Limited Company (Deed of Constitution processed and registered)
• Deed of formalization of corporate resolutions, dismissal and appointment of new administrator and transfer of registered office.
• Deed of sale of social participations.
• Guarantee of inoperability of the company.

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Legal accounting advice, tax and labor

Accounting: accounting, official books, balance sheets, income statements, etc.

Fiscal: claims and settlements of income tax, VAT, personal income tax.

Labour: contracts, high, low staffing, payroll, social security.

Legal: companies constitution, bylaws, notaries, processing permits, etc.

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Web Design – Graphic Design

Creating creative and professional web pages

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