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Office rental

Rental furnished and equipped offices. Your business or office , from today , in our Business Center . Enjoy all the advantages of a traditional office with a saving of 75 % of the cost and without investment costs

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Social and corporate debit. Domicile your company or business in a professional manner at Pau Claris, in the center of Barcelona. We will manage all the affairs of its business relating to debit.

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Virtual office

Your business or office , from today , in our Business Center . Enjoy all the advantages of a traditional officiate at a savings of 75% without cost and investment costs.

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Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms and offices for hours. Whether it is in the Meeting and in the Multipurpose Offices may, comfortably and in a timely manner , attend visits , hold a meeting , training , pass queries

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Have a professional personalized service of telephone calls that will help you when you . I can not answer your phone, why make it …
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Manage a remote work team

June 14, 2018by admin0

Thanks to new technologies, today it is possible to access a very different work model than we have been used to. Just as we can generate a business alone without having to rent an entire office, we can also collaborate with people who are in another part of the world. The fact is to really know how to manage a team at a distance, something that can be a little chaotic for some people.

If that is your case, here are some ideas so you can manage yourself properly

Make a report for everyone
One of the great disadvantages that exist when working with people at a distance is the fact that they can be found with a mismatch of the information they receive. The fact of not being in the office in person prevents you from being able to get up to ask something or make a small spontaneous meeting. For this reason, the best thing that can be done in these cases is to generate a report or a few steps to follow for all employees where it is indicated from the communication method to how to act in certain situations

Work organization
As in any circumstance, it is necessary to organize the work properly. The best thing here is that in the first place, determine the means of communication or the tools that are going to be used. This means that for example it can be determined that an application will be used to work in a team, which will be made use of Dropbox, Drive, or any other technological application where the information will be downloaded.

From there, it is time to organize the work in a general way, so that there is no type of failure. The planning must be done either face-to-face or not, but you have to take it much more into account when it comes to managing a team of work at a distance.


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