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  • What is a business center?
  • What are the services of a business center?
  • What advantages does a business center offer in general?
  • whom are the services of the Business Centers addressed?
  • Is a business center the ideal solution for entrepreneurs?
  • Business Center or Traditional Office?
  • Business Center, Business Incubators or Coworking. Which is the best option?
  • Why choose to hire the services of Centro de Negocios, S.L.?
  • How can I hire the services of Centro de Negocios, S.L.?
  • What is the duration of the contract?
  • What does the monthly fee include?
What is a business center?

A business center is a service company whose main objective is to make available to any professional company that wants to carry out a business activity, all the administrative infrastructure necessary to carry out its activity immediately.

The use of business centers is a highly profitable option since it allows flexible office services, fully adapted to the company and that cover all customer needs at agreed prices at all times.

What are the services of a business center?

The business centers offer a wide range of services:

Offices furnished and equipped with everything necessary to start your activity instantly, exclusively and permanently, is the equivalent to the traditional office but without investment.

Domiciliation of companies for those clients who need to locate their business in a prestigious address and in a professional manner. We will collect all the documentation that is received for the company and we will attend the reception to the people who ask for it.

Virtual Office, ideal solution for those companies that do not need a permanent space but do need an operational office. They will have an address where to locate their business, as well as a telephone service and management of all the calls of their company and a space to work or attend to their visits when they need it.

Attention and management of telephone calls. The client will have a personal and exclusive telephone number. Our staff will attend, from Monday to Friday and from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., all the calls that are received for him, responding with his commercial name, taking note of the message, always transferring the call according to his instructions.

Meeting rooms and part-time offices, for those people who in a timely manner need a place of work or a meeting place to attend to their affairs, to hold interviews …, in a professional environment.

Virtual Assistants, customers can have assistants and secretaries to help them in their activity dealing with the routine management of your company: preparation of budgets, billing, administrative procedures, claims, management of agendas, etc.

The services of the business centers are flexible, so that customers pay only for what they really need and use.

Complementary services: legal advice, sale of incorporated companies, corporate and web design, etc.

In Centro de negocios, S.L. We can prepare packages of services fully adapted to the specific needs of each client.

What advantages does a business center offer in general?

A business center is, nowadays, the ideal option for entrepreneurs, small entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals and commercial delegations, both national and international, since they offer a complete and alternative solution to the traditional office.

Its personnel, highly qualified, guarantees a total efficiency in the tasks managed, allowing the company to focus exclusively on the object of its business.

Its facilities adapted with the latest technological advances allow the client to have some services and resources that, in a traditional way, due to its high cost or complexity, it would be practically impossible to access.

The business centers allow the client to respond quickly to the changes that often occur in the professional environment, since their flexibility means that they can access new services immediately.

Another advantage for the client to hire the services of a business center is the peace of mind of not having to worry about the domestic issues of the office. Those in charge of the center will be responsible for selecting and training the person, supplying it in case of withdrawal, also for the maintenance of the facilities and office equipment, all so that the client can focus exclusively on his business.

whom are the services of the Business Centers addressed?

The business centers are the ideal option for a large number of business groups: entrepreneurs, freelancers, liberal professionals, SMEs, delegations of national companies, international companies, … who want to have a presence in our city.

In Business Center, S.L. Customers can find everything from basic services, such as the Directing of the Company to more complete services such as the Virtual Office or Permanent Dispatches. They will also have a group of professionals at your service willing to work side by side with the client. The success of your business is also the success of our company.

Is a business center the ideal solution for entrepreneurs?

Of course. When a person decides to start a business idea has the need to carry out a series of works of analysis, market studies, feasibility, search for financing. To this effort we must also add the start-up and that’s where the business centers come in because they provide all the necessary administrative infrastructure to carry out the activity in an immediate way, little by little, according to the progress of the needs, and especially controlling costs … In addition Centro de Negocios, SL in a concrete way, it provides through its collaborators a series of very useful supports for entrepreneurs, such as legal and commercial advice, graphic and web design, grants and subsidies, etc.Centro de Negocios, SL. provides the client in their facilities with a pleasant, welcoming and collaborative environment in which you will find other people in entrepreneurial situations such as yours with which to share concerns, create synergies, in short, find yourself wrapped in these lonely moments.

Business Center or Traditional Office?

If what the client wants is speed, flexibility and cost control it is clear that the option is a business center. In less than 24 hours you can have your office up and running, ready to start working, adapted to your current needs with a known and closed price.

In the event that your needs vary, more or less, in a short space of time you will have adapted your business to the new situation.

In the traditional office none of this is so since the client incurs lease contracts with permanency clauses, supports fixed costs: cleaning, maintenance, contingencies, needs personnel to control the entire infrastructure and in the case of wanting to expand or reduce the business the loss of time in the search of the new space and the cost of relocation and installation is very high.

Business Center, Business Incubators or Coworking. Which is the best option?

Coworking is a new way of working imported from the United States. Its main purpose is to provide open and shared spaces to a certain group of workers: freelancers, technologists, designers, who are looking for a simple work solution. For a reduced price they have a table and chair and internet connection. Some coworkings can offer spaces with additional services. His spirit is also to share experiences with other co-workers and generate new work ideas. This option has some disadvantages, since workers whose activities are conducive to creating synergies do not always coincide, so most of the relationships established are social, which sometimes reduces concentration on the issues themselves. Aggravated also because they are open spaces are often noisy, and lack privacy in conversations.

Business incubators or nurseries are proposals that are normally offered by public institutions, professional associations and even some business studies centers to entrepreneurs or start-ups, so access is not open to everyone. Entrepreneurs must be linked to the instructions that promote the nursery, through training and tutelage and their stay is usually limited to 3 years. Also the entrance in the nursery is conditioned to have free spaces.

For all this, business centers are more fruitful and ideal, although in these the cost is somewhat higher, it is totally guaranteed: the access of any person or company that exercises a business activity for the time and in the way you need, the privacy of the environment, the exclusivity of the workspace and the possibility of exchanging ideas and establishing fruitful relationships with other colleagues who share the same professional interests and the security of having services that are fully adapted to their circumstances and not the other way around.

Why choose to hire the services of Centro de Negocios, S.L.?

For our professionalism: All our staff is prepared and at your disposal to advise you and help you in everything concerning your company. Our greatest strengths are: our flexibility and adaptability to offer you at every moment the personalized services that best suit your needs:

For our treatment: We want you to feel comfortable and for that we offer you a friendly, professional and cordial treatment. You will entrust us with something very important for you, your company, and we want you to have the confidence that you are in good hands.

For our empathy: We know what it is to be an entrepreneur because we were also in their day, and we know how difficult it is to put an idea into practice and fight for it, avoiding all the vicissitudes that arise at each moment, we understand it perfectly, we know of your loneliness and we want to accompany you.

For our experience: We have been offering our services for 30 years, constantly adapting them to new needs, to technological changes, to market situations … and we put it at your disposal.

How can I hire the services of Centro de Negocios, S.L.?

Very easy. Simply indicate your desire and provide us with your company data, you can do it, by phone, mail … We will prepare the contract and in less than 24 hours you may be enjoying your new office.

What is the duration of the contract?

The one that the client wants. When you wish to terminate the service you only have to notify us with the advance notice and mode agreed for each modality of the contract.

What does the monthly fee include?

The monthly fee corresponds to the enunciation of the contracted service and is the one that appears in each modality of the contract. Independently of this, the client must pay, according to the Current Rates that he receives when contracting, the expenses of additional cost and expressly requested by the client: photocopies, impressions, fax, messengers, postal items, meeting rooms, etc. in addition to the corresponding taxes.

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