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Rental furnished and equipped offices. Your business or office , from today , in our Business Center . Enjoy all the advantages of a traditional office with a saving of 75 % of the cost and without investment costs

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Social and corporate debit. Domicile your company or business in a professional manner at Pau Claris, in the center of Barcelona. We will manage all the affairs of its business relating to debit.

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Your business or office , from today , in our Business Center . Enjoy all the advantages of a traditional officiate at a savings of 75% without cost and investment costs.

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Meeting rooms and offices for hours. Whether it is in the Meeting and in the Multipurpose Offices may, comfortably and in a timely manner , attend visits , hold a meeting , training , pass queries

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Company dinners at Christmas

June 14, 2018by admin0

When the end of the year arrives, one of the great conflicts that arise is business dinners at Christmas. They tend to be a time of celebration, the end of the year and where the companions are together again. However, it is not something simple. To organize it you have to do it a lot of time in advance. That is why there are some companies that have decided to perform alternative tasks, in order to achieve their goal at a lower cost.

Let’s see what you can organize to make it fun and different

Theme dinners
They are the classics, the fact of making a thematic dinner that may well be related to the area of ​​the company or a different subject. What is involved is that it is a theme that everyone feels comfortable. In this case, both the decoration and the food, it is recommended that they be in line with the chosen idea.

Restaurant cooking
It is an idea that is being carried out in many places, where you go to a restaurant but you learn to cook something particular for after tasting it. It can be a very good experience as a team if it is a company that does not have as many employees as something useful will be obtained.

Outdoor activity
Other companies, instead of carrying out the typical company dinners at Christmas, decide to do an activity such as taking the day and going to visit a nearby area, perform a particular type of championship, go to a room escape. Ideas can be very varied so it is good to be able to decide between everyone.

Office party
If you can not get a space for business dinner, a good idea is to hire a culinary professional and make the party in the office, so everyone can celebrate but in a familiar environment where you need to place some decoration so you have a different environment


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