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At the Business Center, we specialize in the rental of offices, meeting rooms and many other related services necessary to carry out your business activity.

Specialists in rentals for business development.

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From the rental of offices to the virtual domiciliation of your business.

Enjoy the multiple offers adapted to your needs in the Business Center.

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Office rental

Rental furnished and equipped offices. Your business or office , from today , in our Business Center . Enjoy all the advantages of a traditional office with a saving of 75 % of the cost and without investment costs

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Domiciliary Companies

Social and corporate debit. Domicile your company or business in a professional manner at Pau Claris, in the center of Barcelona. We will manage all the affairs of its business relating to debit.

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Virtual office

Your business or office , from today , in our Business Center . Enjoy all the advantages of a traditional officiate at a savings of 75% without cost and investment costs.

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Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms and offices for hours. Whether it is in the Meeting and in the Multipurpose Offices may, comfortably and in a timely manner , attend visits , hold a meeting , training , pass queries

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Have a professional personalized service of telephone calls that will help you when you . I can not answer your phone, why make it …
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There are many times when we can need a meeting room, but do I really need one?

When you do not have a physical place such as an office, the fact of where to have a meeting with a possible partner, with a colleague, a provider or perhaps a client. If you want to give a good image, it is best to have an adequate space for it, thus avoiding the possible bars or coffee shops that will always have a lot of noise around.

Although the ideal is to have an office of its own, it is known that in many occasions this is not possible due to economic issues and for all the expenses involved in having an office in person. However, there are alternatives such as, for example, the Business Centers, in which, apart from giving you the possibility of having a space to work, they also have meeting rooms that are usually included if you have a rented office or work space. .

But still, if you do not have any of them, the meeting rooms can be rented by the hour, so you can enjoy all their benefits.

The fact of being in a meeting room makes the meeting itself much more fruitful by being in a professional environment. For example, if they need to watch a video, they will surely have all the connectors and a project to see it big. In cases where a blackboard or a notepad is needed, it will also be available for them to use.

The renting of a meeting room will also depend on the number of people arriving as there are rooms for 4 people and large rooms. What is at all times is that they are comfortable and thus have a more than successful meeting.


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