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Office rental

Rental furnished and equipped offices. Your business or office , from today , in our Business Center . Enjoy all the advantages of a traditional office with a saving of 75 % of the cost and without investment costs

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Domiciliary Companies

Social and corporate debit. Domicile your company or business in a professional manner at Pau Claris, in the center of Barcelona. We will manage all the affairs of its business relating to debit.

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Virtual office

Your business or office , from today , in our Business Center . Enjoy all the advantages of a traditional officiate at a savings of 75% without cost and investment costs.

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Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms and offices for hours. Whether it is in the Meeting and in the Multipurpose Offices may, comfortably and in a timely manner , attend visits , hold a meeting , training , pass queries

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Have a professional personalized service of telephone calls that will help you when you . I can not answer your phone, why make it …
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What to look for when renting an office

June 14, 2018by admin0

When we have decided that we need to rent an office or rent an office, it is good to pay attention to small details that will make us see things differently. In short, the office or office is a space in which we will spend a lot of time in our lives and it must be a pleasant space, where we can really feel very comfortable in all aspects.

If you have decided to rent instead of having your own office, then we recommend you pay attention to the following details:

The price of the office is one of the most determining factors. In many occasions, this price will depend on whether it is a space for 2, 4 or 6 people. We must also take into account all the extra and external services that are offered along with the rent because it will of course be what also marks the final price.

As we mentioned before, the services offered in the rent of an office are of the utmost importance because they could make a difference. Among these services they usually offer you the possibility of having telephone service, meeting room, direct debit and of course the own printing services, internet, among others.

Undoubtedly one of the big keys when renting an office. The location will tell you a lot about the office or office where you will be. Think that if you have to receive customers or other people, it is best to be located in the center of the city because it will make it much easier to access. Being well connected is also an important factor.

If you are not sure where to rent an office, you can be a few months of testing and see how you feel in it.


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