2018 June

June 15, 2018

In the world we live in today, every day more and more people are launching their own business. This then generates the appearance of many new enterprises and management companies. On many occasions, these companies start with very little money, which means that they have to pay close attention to everything they spend in order not to exceed their budgets.

A solution in many cases, is that instead of having a physical office consider having a virtual office. But what is a virtual office? The virtual office is that modality in which it is possible to have a fiscal address, telephone attention and an office or room in order to attend the visits that are presented.

It will be very useful to have a virtual office if:

-You are an entrepreneur who works from home or, on the contrary, a small company and you want to give a formality to your company with a fiscal address, etc.

-You are an SME that wants to make the leap to the virtual world and thus save costs

– You are a transnational company that wants to incorporate itself in this country little by little and needs a fiscal address and telephone attention to attend to the clients.

Based on all this you can decide if the virtual office is the service you need to boost your business. Of course it will give you a formality framework very different from if you provide the address of your home to perform some tasks or as a fiscal address.

If you need a virtual office, it is best if it is in a Business Center where you will have a central address and all the amenities of this space.

June 14, 2018

One of the most important things you have to take into account in relation to your business is the telephone attention to both customers and suppliers. How to attend to these people will be one of the key factors in the progress of your company. It is for this reason that sometimes, when you do not have the resources to hire a person who is specifically dedicated to customer service, one of the factors that can help us is to hire telephone service in a special space for companies.

The spaces for companies such as the Business Centers have different types of services such as telephone assistance. What benefits does this have? Well, the first benefit you have is the fact that in this way you will get a person who will answer your company’s telephone saying exactly what you want and taking note of the messages.

The moment a customer calls the phone he will easily notice that he is contacting a serious company, which is interested in providing a good service.

Both the voice, concentration and relaxation are key to showing a cordial attitude and that the interlocutor feels that they are paying due attention to their doubts, claims, suggestions or contact.

The ideal is that at the time of attending you can say the name of the company. If the problem can be solved at that moment, it must be done like this, otherwise the note will be taken and the responsible will be notified about it.

All this can be done through a small script where the telephone care managers know what to do to provide the desired attention.

June 14, 2018

There are many times when we can need a meeting room, but do I really need one?

When you do not have a physical place such as an office, the fact of where to have a meeting with a possible partner, with a colleague, a provider or perhaps a client. If you want to give a good image, it is best to have an adequate space for it, thus avoiding the possible bars or coffee shops that will always have a lot of noise around.

Although the ideal is to have an office of its own, it is known that in many occasions this is not possible due to economic issues and for all the expenses involved in having an office in person. However, there are alternatives such as, for example, the Business Centers, in which, apart from giving you the possibility of having a space to work, they also have meeting rooms that are usually included if you have a rented office or work space. .

But still, if you do not have any of them, the meeting rooms can be rented by the hour, so you can enjoy all their benefits.

The fact of being in a meeting room makes the meeting itself much more fruitful by being in a professional environment. For example, if they need to watch a video, they will surely have all the connectors and a project to see it big. In cases where a blackboard or a notepad is needed, it will also be available for them to use.

The renting of a meeting room will also depend on the number of people arriving as there are rooms for 4 people and large rooms. What is at all times is that they are comfortable and thus have a more than successful meeting.

June 14, 2018

When we have decided that we need to rent an office or rent an office, it is good to pay attention to small details that will make us see things differently. In short, the office or office is a space in which we will spend a lot of time in our lives and it must be a pleasant space, where we can really feel very comfortable in all aspects.

If you have decided to rent instead of having your own office, then we recommend you pay attention to the following details:

The price of the office is one of the most determining factors. In many occasions, this price will depend on whether it is a space for 2, 4 or 6 people. We must also take into account all the extra and external services that are offered along with the rent because it will of course be what also marks the final price.

As we mentioned before, the services offered in the rent of an office are of the utmost importance because they could make a difference. Among these services they usually offer you the possibility of having telephone service, meeting room, direct debit and of course the own printing services, internet, among others.

Undoubtedly one of the big keys when renting an office. The location will tell you a lot about the office or office where you will be. Think that if you have to receive customers or other people, it is best to be located in the center of the city because it will make it much easier to access. Being well connected is also an important factor.

If you are not sure where to rent an office, you can be a few months of testing and see how you feel in it.

June 14, 2018

In times of entrepreneurs, there are different options and possibilities to start a business. However, being an entrepreneur is not something simple. You have to take into account different general circumstances in order to be able to improve and that the management of your company is done properly.

For this, we are going to see some elements that you should take into account and apply as soon as possible:

Trademark Registration
When you are going to start an enterprise, it is key that you do the brand registration. Why? Because you will be working on an identity to offer a service or a product and it would be a pity that after all that effort someone else came and called your enterprise in a similar way and therefore, that there could be some kind of confusion. To do this, find out what the process is according to the area in which you live.

Financing for any type of management or company is necessary. You must be able to observe very well what type of financing is appropriate in your case. Or you could opt for financing that is private, for your own savings or for obtaining a special type of credit in a bank. Whatever the case, you have to be very clear about where you are going to go to take advantage of it.

Savings resources
There are several resources that can help you save as is the case, for example, of renting offices or offices in a Business Center instead of renting the entire place. In addition, you can also outsource some tasks such as customer service, messaging service, tasks to virtual secretaries, among others.

These are just some of the many elements to take into account to manage your business properly. Much success!

June 14, 2018

When the end of the year arrives, one of the great conflicts that arise is business dinners at Christmas. They tend to be a time of celebration, the end of the year and where the companions are together again. However, it is not something simple. To organize it you have to do it a lot of time in advance. That is why there are some companies that have decided to perform alternative tasks, in order to achieve their goal at a lower cost.

Let’s see what you can organize to make it fun and different

Theme dinners
They are the classics, the fact of making a thematic dinner that may well be related to the area of ​​the company or a different subject. What is involved is that it is a theme that everyone feels comfortable. In this case, both the decoration and the food, it is recommended that they be in line with the chosen idea.

Restaurant cooking
It is an idea that is being carried out in many places, where you go to a restaurant but you learn to cook something particular for after tasting it. It can be a very good experience as a team if it is a company that does not have as many employees as something useful will be obtained.

Outdoor activity
Other companies, instead of carrying out the typical company dinners at Christmas, decide to do an activity such as taking the day and going to visit a nearby area, perform a particular type of championship, go to a room escape. Ideas can be very varied so it is good to be able to decide between everyone.

Office party
If you can not get a space for business dinner, a good idea is to hire a culinary professional and make the party in the office, so everyone can celebrate but in a familiar environment where you need to place some decoration so you have a different environment

June 14, 2018

Thanks to new technologies, today it is possible to access a very different work model than we have been used to. Just as we can generate a business alone without having to rent an entire office, we can also collaborate with people who are in another part of the world. The fact is to really know how to manage a team at a distance, something that can be a little chaotic for some people.

If that is your case, here are some ideas so you can manage yourself properly

Make a report for everyone
One of the great disadvantages that exist when working with people at a distance is the fact that they can be found with a mismatch of the information they receive. The fact of not being in the office in person prevents you from being able to get up to ask something or make a small spontaneous meeting. For this reason, the best thing that can be done in these cases is to generate a report or a few steps to follow for all employees where it is indicated from the communication method to how to act in certain situations

Work organization
As in any circumstance, it is necessary to organize the work properly. The best thing here is that in the first place, determine the means of communication or the tools that are going to be used. This means that for example it can be determined that an application will be used to work in a team, which will be made use of Dropbox, Drive, or any other technological application where the information will be downloaded.

From there, it is time to organize the work in a general way, so that there is no type of failure. The planning must be done either face-to-face or not, but you have to take it much more into account when it comes to managing a team of work at a distance.

June 14, 2018

We continue to see how to manage a remote work team in an appropriate way

Team Building activities
This type of activities helps people to know each other. Although when working from a distance it is very difficult to generate them, you can stay at a specific work hour or even the fact of being able to travel and make the whole team to be somewhere in the middle of the world where you can go sightseeing, meet, know each other, etc

Motivation is equally important in distance work as in face-to-face work. It does not matter if you are thousands of kilometers away or next. What is involved in all cases is to motivate people. As much as they are collaborators, you can have some links where you can see that if the work goes ahead and if certain objectives are met, a better level and work space will be achieved.

If communication in relation to work is something fundamental, when working from a distance it is much more. The contact with the people that work must be constant and for that, nothing better than using the different tools that exist nowadays that allow the technology to be at our service.

Managing a team at a distance is not complex if the necessary measures are taken. It is important that everything flows and that from the beginning work modalities are established so that everything is clear. We hope these tips have been useful to you.

June 14, 2018

As every year, new trends and effects appear in both business and marketing. These are practices that become fashionable and therefore generate a much more dynamic market. Thus, businesses in 2018 will have some peculiarities that we will see below.

Without tags
One of the characteristics that will surprise us in this new year is the fact that large labels will not be used in general products. This makes the product low cost and therefore based on digital communication, thus allowing to be more transparent and ethical at all times.

Mobile telephony
The payment through mobile telephony will be something that will be seen more and more in the companies and in the premises. Thus, it will not be necessary to go with the wallet but simply with the mobile we will be able to make the purchase and any other management that we allow with it.

Circular Economy
Another thing that will catch our attention is the possibility of buying second-hand items, making the experience much more useful and effective in terms of reusing the products. Thus, both sellers and buyers will have the possibility of making cheaper purchases and access to products that otherwise could not have.

Customer Support
The customer service in business in 2018 is already more and more in terms of social networks, however this year, will continue to be more present every day so that you can reach the customer quickly, offering a service more effective

June 14, 2018

Business trips can generate a lot of stress in a person. Although the ultimate goal is to reach a point for a meeting or for something specific work, that does not mean that we can find problems in the journey. Let’s see some tricks to be able to take them as best as possible.

Cancellations or delays
It is common that when we travel we find ourselves with delays in the trip. The best thing in these cases is to be cautious. A good idea is to choose flights that are direct and that avoid the stops. In addition to this, there are some applications that determine you when there is some type of delay or not in an airport.

Internet connection
Another reason why stress is generated is due to the fact that you do not have a good internet connection. It is common to find a diverse number of people who travel for work connected to their computers at the airport in order to continue working, answering emails, among others. A good option or resource in these cases is to be able to know previously what the internet is like or have a mobile plan that allows us to use it as a modem and connect the computer to that internet and avoid the stress of the airport wifi or Even the hotel does not work well.

Forget something important
One of the great elements that generates stress in business trips is the fact that you can forget something important. To avoid it, the best thing is that you have a special app in which you can make a previous list of everything you will need, both in basic issues and labor issues, which ultimately are the most important. If you forget some article of personal hygiene of insurance that in your destiny you will obtain it.

Taking the business trip with tranquility is one of the great keys so that it does not stress us and we can reach our destination to fulfill our objective.